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Holidays in Vipiteno –
Vacation on the farm Ralserhof

The Ralserhof located only 2.5 kilometres from the medieval town of Vipiteno and is the ideal starting point for excursions into the wild and romantic mountains of the Alta Val d’Isarco. Vipiteno is considered one of the 50 most beautiful cities in Italy and is the northernmost city in the country. Great wealth came to Vipiteno by the prolific silver mines in the area. Colourful facades and intricately carved gables dominate the entire city centre. The landmark of Vipiteno is the 46 meter “Zwölferturm” (Tower of Twelve). It was built in 1468 and has a stone staircase gable which can be seen from a great distance.

Adventures and fun in summer time

Vipiteno offers ideal conditions for an exciting summer surrounded by the powerful three-thousand meter peaks. At the high ropes course “Skytrek”, you can test your climbing skills in high trees. The “Rafting Tigers” Vipiteno are among the leading providers of rafting trips in Italy. During your holiday in Vipiteno you may take part in a thrilling boat ride on a raging white-water river. The M2Bike Bikepark will inspire you – if cycling is one of your passions. A round of golf on the golf course at Thumberg has a very special appeal when admiring the impressive alpine panorama.


The alpine hiking paradise
in northern South Tyrol

The vast mountain ranges of the Alps are a paradise for hikers, climbers and nature lovers. Summit tours on the Hochfeiler, the Wilde Kreuzspitze and the Weißwand during your stay in Vipiteno will take you at altitudes of over 3,000 meters. Smaller peak tours with fantastic views include excursions to the Sarntaler Weißhorn, to Jaufenspitz and to Weisspitz. Discover the great hiking areas at Monte Cavallo, in Vallmingtal, and on the Zirogeralm, which is located 15 kilometres from the farm Ralserhof.

Varied excursions in Alta Val d’Isarco

The Alta Val d’Isarco is dominated by the mighty 3000-meter peaks of the Alps. Climbers can look forward to wonderful hiking trails in alpine altitude. With Fallminger Alm, the Kalcher Alm and the Klammalm there are plenty of pastures to visit. Superbly located walking areas also await you in Racines and Ladurno. In numerous canyons you will discover the untamed nature of the Alta Val d’Isarco at its best. During your holiday in Alta Val d’Isarco you may also visit the gorge Gilfenklamm close to Racines and Burkhard Gorge near Ridanna, admiring its cascading waterfalls.

Holidays in Alta Val d’Isarco: Medieval adventure journey in South Tyrol

Your holiday region south of the Alps welcomes you with a great variety of medieval castles and manors. For centuries, mining activities have shaped the lives of the population. The city of Vipiteno has come to great wealth thanks to the prolific silver mines. At the Mining Museum Monteneve/Ridanna you may dive into the 800-year history of mining during your holiday in Alta Val d’Isarco. An attractive destination in the vicinity of the farm Ralserhof is the Castle Wolfsthurn. Near the medieval building there is the circular water and forest trail close to Mareit – an exciting adventure path where for children there is plenty to discover.


Colourful event calendar in Alta Val d’Isarco

Look forward during your holiday in Alta Val d’Isarco to a series of colourful events that take place throughout the year in Vipiteno and in the surrounding villages. From May 3rd to October 4th, every Friday there is the traditional farmers market in Vipiteno. There countless peasant products from the region are offered. Here you will get local produce that you can then prepare in your apartment. In July, the city celebrates the Yogurt Days with herb walks, a visit to a dairy farm and llama hikes. Lantern parties are organized during the summer months between July and August.




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